Happy World Backup Day!

Who has heard the term ‘backup’? It has the same meaning in any situation it is used, it is to help and support. Military personnel have back-up, stage players have back-up and of course we IT geeks need back-up too, yet some of us don’t realise how important this is.

A backup is another copy of all your precious files, these could be photos, videos, excel documents, essays…you name it, it needs a backup!

It is so important to have second copies of your important files to save time, expenses and annoyance later on, have you experienced the aggravation of spending months building a perfected iTunes library, to then lose all of your beloved tracks because you simply didn’t have backup? Or have lost a plethora of important documents, forcing you to type as much as you can recall once again?

Other reasons for backup being crucial are facts such as one hundred and thirteen phones are lost or stolen every minute and one in ten computers are infected with viruses every month! If your company phone was stolen on a train and contained important company information and therefore had to be wiped of information, meaning all of your business contacts had been lost, along with sentimental images of family or loved ones, you would most likely be devastated.

There are different methods of backing up files. You can backup files by copying them to a USB drive which ideally holds more information than your computer can, these are really cheap to get hold of online.

The second method is easy but will not be enough to back up the whole of your computer as easily as a USB drive. This method, is storing your files to the internet by taking advantage of cloud services to back up the files most important to you currently. The reason you cannot store a multitude of files on the Cloud, is that online drives such as these do not lend much space, they are great for the likes of students and business people however, as they are often free to use for a certain storage allowance and mean users can keep important files safe.

Today is World Backup Day and the hope is that many a computer user will take the following pledge today, for the good of their files, “ I solemnly swear to back up my important documents and precious memories on March 31st”, over 700 people have already taken the pledge, so why don’t you? Without backup there is plenty to lose, and nothing to retain.

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