Grant Lloyd’s Work Experience

Hi. My name is Grant and I have just finished my 2 weeks work experience at Borwell as part of my HND software development course at Worcester College of Technology.

My first week started on Tuesday 27th of May due to it being a bank holiday Monday. The first thing I did on the first day was attend a team meeting that they have regularly at the start of each week. The team meeting was a good thing to attend because it gave me an insight into what goes on in a meeting and showed me what the company do and what they are about.

For the duration of the 2 weeks I was tasked with helping Ollie with website projects. This was a good experience because although I have previous experience making and designing websites, I have never used WordPress, it also gave me the chance to work on actual websites that will be published instead of making websites at college which do not go live.

I have worked on remaking the St Richards Hospice Bling My Bear website into a static HTML website, this involved scripting it from scratch using Notepad++. This gave me the opportunity to improve on my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills. The Bling My Bear was a good website to work on because it’s for a good cause.

I have enjoyed every day that I have had work experience at Borwell and the people here are very friendly. I have learnt valuable skills and have gained experience and insight on how things are done in the industry and what I should learn and improve on for the future. I have learnt more here in the 2 weeks than I have at college in 2 years, this is because I had hands on experience rather than just the theory side of things.