IT For Growing Business

All the businesses I visited in April mentioned they were experiencing an increase in sales enquiries and were seeing an increase in actual orders too.  Many of these businesses are taking on staff, increasing manufacturing capacity, looking for larger premises, and investing in their people, processes and technologies.

Many of the businesses need to improve their software systems, and are seeking efficiency savings by integrating systems together, moving away from paper and a proliferation of uncontrollable, unchecked spread sheets.  Several are looking to update their server and desktop hardware, and more importantly looking to improve their IT security too.

Some of the businesses had achieved improved responses to marketing campaigns than last year.  There is also an increase in attendance at exhibitions and events that we have attended recently.

So, has your business the processes and systems in place for increased demand in 2015 and beyond?  Regardless of what happens in this week’s general election, the economy is continuing on an upwards trajectory, which benefits everyone in Britain.  Business owners running growing businesses (let’s not call them small businesses anymore), should be investing in their IT for the long-term.

There are many great IT providers in Worcestershire, who have an excellent track record.  They too are growing businesses, and are investing in their own people, processes and technologies.  All of the providers I know are niche in some way, so you will need to meet with 2-3 to find out what their specialities are.  Explain that you are a growing business, and that you are looking for a partner to help grow your systems as your business grows.

Whichever approach you choose, speak with several IT suppliers about your thoughts and needs for 2015 and beyond.  Ask for costed options, and work out which gives you the best combination of capability and Return On Investment (ROI).  Go for growth!