Work experience at borwell, by Max

After a week-long placement here at Borwell, my aspirations to thrive as a software engineer have been confirmed.  Not only did I have a great time, but I also discovered challenges not found in the usual school or sixth form environment. Borwell is a great team, it’s a shame I’ll be leaving so early.

The moment I found my workstation, the team here uncovered an idea for a program I could make.  I started by making a calculator.  Behind the buttons and my appalling UI, there was a real challenge.  This took me into my third day and with each hurdle, there was someone to point me in the right direction.

After that, there was a range of work experience options, from product testing to game design.  Slowly but steadily, I eased myself into my first choice which was to do product testing which truly allowed me to see how a program needs to function.  I later used the Unity game engine to give me a wider view of possibilities in terms of what I could code.  This provided me with some tough code I could get my hands on.

Aware that I am currently in sixth form studying computing A-Level, the team here showed me some basic database control.  I’m now ready to go back in September and show my mates a thing or two.

Now that I have finished my work experience, I think I’m far more prepared for the world of work, I’m ready for college next year and I now know how to make a great coffee 🙂


Y12 at The Chase School, Malvern

Max Robinson

Max Robinson