Work Experience at borwell For Zak

Hi, my name is Zak and I have just finished a week’s work experience at Borwell which I’ve found extremely constructive and enjoyable. Upon arrival I was introduced to the team and given a tour of the facility – I found this to be a nice way to ease into the week, and it definitely helped me to feel welcome.

Throughout my time at Borwell I completed a mixture of research tasks, set around networking and cyber security. I analysed a range of scanners and programs such as Nessus, Nmap, Metasploit and many more; learning how they function, what they can be used for and understanding their outputs. I enjoyed this thoroughly and was given excellent guidance by my mentor. I also worked with VMware vSphere to set up a virtual environment in which I could locally simulate and control attacking and victim machines for practice.

I’ve definitely learned from this experience – and not just from a technical approach either. I’ve gained first-hand experience of life within a software house and what it’s like to be involved in a professional office environment.

The team around me were all incredibly friendly and inviting. During the day I never felt like an outcast and my mentor was very accepting of all my questions and queries. Furthermore, the small Hi’s in the corridor and conversation at lunch all added to the experience in a positive manner, no matter how small a gesture it may seem.

I want to give all the Borwell team a massive thank you for this opportunity, it’s really opened my eyes to what the future could hold – and it’s set the bar high.Work

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