What Is ‘Cyber Security’?

Cyber security is becoming more and more prominent in most organisations. Online threats and risks to business are increasingly popular, and this is forcing more of us to take action to protect our businesses.

Cyber security should be your biggest concern, despite the size of your business. Just last year the National Crime Agency recorded over 2.46 million cyber-attacks, and official sources indicate that around 1 in 4 large companies have encountered a major breach over the past 12 months. The average costs of these attacks is thought to be in the region of £65,000 – £115,000.

Incurring these costs should be an issue of the past, ignorance and negligence is a huge factor when it comes to online attacks. The words ‘Cyber Security’ are shared a lot in business but what does it mean for your business? The core function of almost all cyber security measures is to guard your hardware, software, and data from harm, irrespective of whether the danger is posed by unwanted visitors, malicious attacks or genuine mistakes. Most cyber security measures are preventative, and work to discourage attackers by closing off commonly exploited loopholes.

Implementing a companywide cyber security plan is the government’s top advice for all businesses, regardless of size. Official statistics suggest that up to 97% of last years recorded attacks could have been prevented or avoided if current best practices were observed by all businesses.

Effective cyber security is more than just a benefit and insurance to your business or organisation, it is a responsibility you have. Data breaches can put customer and company information at risk potentially in the hands of malicious hackers. This not only damages the organisation, but also has implications on the economy as a whole.

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