Winning work in lockdown – Part 1 Technology

Winning work in lockdown is even more rewarding than you can imagine.  You have been selling successfully for many years, it had become easy, right?  So, your new challenge, should you care to accept it, is to sell the new way – in lockdown.

“Step up or step away from the technology”

Your new workspace

Your new temporary workspace is a clean start.  In essence, make it want you want it to be.  Be excited and make it exciting.  Play around with the settings.  Choose a virtual background to add colour and vibrancy to any meeting.  Create a branded backdrop or pick a location to suit the meeting, your mood or thoughts – the world’s your oyster.  Choose clothing, add props, consider your home décor and even your mug to attract the right attention.  Change your desktop to holiday destinations as an inspiration to work smart, work clever, and win work to pay for that dream holiday in 2021.


Use the technology platforms available to make contact with your past clients, cooled prospects and your wider network of contacts.  In brief you can choose from Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, email, LinkedIn, messengers on Linked In or Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or even a simple text message.  These people will be delighted to hear from you.

winning work lady

Winning work at home!

After all, communications is really valued at present, so try each person on a different platform and remember which they prefer.  People are looking for familiarity and the reassurance of a familiar name and face.  Share stories of how you are winning work in lockdown.  Ask them this simple question:

“How are you adjusting?”

This is an open question about them, and positive in nature.  In general, if you’re only on a call 10-15 minutes, it is a valuable interaction for them and for you.  They will remember you in a few months time, perhaps when their business or employer needs your product or service.


Undoubtedly, everyone has something funny or something useful to share.  Don’t be shy.  Use the technology.  You already have it all, so go for it.  Get winning work in lockdown!

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