Winning work in lockdown – Part 2 Previous Customers

Previous Customers are key to winning work in lockdown.  You have been selling successfully for many years. It had become easy, right?  Maybe.  So, your new challenge, should you care to accept it, is to sell the new way – in lockdown.

Digital & Physical isolation

Staring at a blank wall? Headphones blocking out the hubbub? Laptop balancing on your knee? Uncomfortable chair? Blank notebook?

Feeling alone?

Don’t be a stranger.  Don’t feel isolated.  Reach out to others.

“Reach out to previous Customers”

Previous Customers

Reassure your previous Customers.  Let them know that you still value them.  You are still very much here for them.  Would you like to work with them again in the future? Then tell them so.  Enquire about them.  What have they been doing? How are they and their employees adjusting?  Invite them for a virtual coffee.

These lapsed Customers may be working with a new supplier.  It might be going ‘ok’, or it might not.  They may not even be using the product or service that you provide at the moment.  However, when they need it, you will be front and centre in their mind compared to your competitors.  Reaching out to previous Customers is a low marketing cost.  You already know them. Yes, the relationship has faded a little, but all relationships do.  Reconnecting with them at present is to be expected.  What’s more, they are probably doing the same with their previous Customers.  If not, you have just given the idea to do so!

winning work in snazzy office

winning work by contacting previous customers

Plans and Opportunities

Ask about their plans for the Summer and beyond.  Share ideas and ignite some sparks for future collaboration.  Is there anything that can be started now in lockdown?  How have they been supporting their Customers?  Find out if their business is still viable.  Signpost them to useful tips and advice to keep them trading.

“Reignite the relationship”

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone!  You can do this!

Winning work in lockdown – Part 1 Technology

Keep CRM Records Up-To-Date

Organise sales information in a CRM System – Our recommendation is Really Simple Systems CRM