4th February 2020

Life at borwell

Software Engineering - Life at borwell

Looking for a career upgrade in software engineering? Read more about Life at borwell.

The borwell business is going from strength to strength.  As a result we are advertising a career in software engineering with several entry pathways.

Whether you have taken A-levels, an ND, HND or a Level 3 Apprenticeship, all these career paths lead to a career in software engineering at a reputable UK based software house - borwell. We are also a proud supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant.


The growth is mainly demand from existing customers as well as new customers too. Our teams are looking for people with the potential to grow into a professional software engineering team member.

Working in Agile teams of 2-4, a Project Leader provides the technical lead and interface with the customer, and the internal Project Manager.

Working to quality & cost first and foremost, time pressure is removed by phasing of 'sprints' of functionality to satisfy chunks of customer requirements. The tools, hardware and methodology we use allows our teams to produce high quality solutions, which truly innovate our customer's business.

bacon and sausage in a roll

Day to day activities

  • Monday - top up the urn, get the coffee on;  Scrums between 09:00 and 10:30.  Project Leaders, PM and the MD hold a weekly scrum 09:30-10:00.  Monday afternoon sometimes a visitor, but usually most people are in the office
  • Tuesday - morning scrums; getting work done through the day.  MD away on business somewhere or other.  PM 'on it' and supporting the delivery teams
  • Wednesday - morning scrums; customer visits to us; capture requirements and craft these into epics, features and stories
  • Thursday - morning scrums (see the pattern?).  Vote on Teams using Polly to select your breakfast choice for Friday.  MD back.  More work, more proposals, more coffee!
  • Friday - morning scrums! Bacon or Sausages in a roll delivered.  Very quiet for 10-15 minutes.  More coffee on!  Dress down on Friday.  Some people flexing in the afternoon
  • Eat sleep code repeat 🙂

If you like the sound of life at borwell, why not look at the career opportunities we have open?