borwell Job Tracker Software

The borwell Job Tracker enables you to create and track jobs you are currently working on in order to provide the best possible service you can.

The job tracker provides the platform for you to manage your projects while keeping track of tasks, meetings, discussions and documents easily.

The job tracker system also allows for company wide use and therefore enables all employees to consult, monitor and keep control of their tasks, while in collaboration with one another.

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A Solution For Sharing Tasks Securely

Borwell Job Tracker Software will help you to:

- Plan your day
- Organise your team
- Share information 24/7
- Improve time management
- Reduce paperwork
- Centralise data
- Track job progress
- Manage customer data & documents

borwell Job Tracker Software Solution Features

- Track, update & create jobs 24/7 from any location
- Easy to use, little or no training required
- Homepage gives an instant overview of the state of your business's jobs
- All information is stored centrally making it easier for employees to view & share the same information
- Produce CSV & HTML reports
- Search for jobs by description or title removing the need to memorise reference numbers
- Runs within a browser removing the need for lengthy installs
- No need to purchase & maintain expensive servers

The Job Tracker core module is available for £750+ £20 per month per user. This price includes complete customisation including; logo, colour scheme and the use of company terminology.

Making IT Work For You

borwell create software that works the way you do. Job Tracker core module is an ‘off the shelf solution’ (OTS) that has been written by our Malvern based software engineers with small businesses in mind.

Your Own Job Tracker Solution

borwell understand that your business is unique & you may require a bespoke solution. Arrange for a member of our software team to visit you.

What Do We Do?

Listen. Watch. Understand your current business processes. Design a custom solution. Provide a detailed quote.