Students find skills needed for career in Software Engineering

Students & Skills required for a career in Software Engineering

Steve Borwell-Fox, Managing Director of borwell, set three Apprentice style challenges for 12 Year 12 IT students to demonstrate what employers are looking for when recruiting IT graduates. One team had to logically model a Fighter aircraft, its behaviour and systems, and another team had to crack an encoded message with no assistance provided. The third team had to identify many of the interactions between customer and supplier during an IT project.

The students worked well in their groups, approaching the activities with enthusiasm and using team-working skills too. They learned how people, process and technology are vital to the IT sector.

man in cafe, maybe blogging with coffee, could show students in IT

IT teacher Mr Lee Campion said; Students rarely get the opportunity to work on such a project with relevant companies while studying for their A Levels. They came away with a much better understanding about computing in the real world and, perhaps even more importantly, were enthused by what they saw. There are so many positive things that we can achieve in this collaboration.