Andrea Borwell-Fox talks to Worcester News

The borwell Ltd Managing Director, Andrea Borwell-Fox , talks to Worcester News. Answering personal questions, Andrea discusses various aspects of her life such as School, Nostalgia and Holidays.

What is your best school memory?
I had a fab teacher called Mr. Sayles at Redhill School, Stourbridge.

He made maths fun and really helped apply the skills to the real world.

What was your worst school memory?
Playing hockey.

A girl called Maxine tackled me and whacked my face with a hockey stick. It put me off hockey forever.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. My dad was a marshal. I’d spend the weekend camping there with a group of similar aged children. We would spend the day climbing the hill and watching the racing. I loved being in the pits with the smells and sounds of the engines warming up. I remember it always being warm and sunny, great summer weather.


Where was your last holiday? How was it?
Lanzarote. We stayed at a lovely resort called Puerto Calero with a pretty marina, great restaurants and walks along the cost. The nearby white sandy becahes of Playa del Carmen and Playa Dorada were lovely too. The volcano is well worth a visit!

Would you go back?
Yes, and I’d hire a convertible and tour the island.

Where was your favourite holiday?
A European rail tour. We visited Brussels, Koln, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, Venice, Milan, Nice & Monte Carlo.

We saw the eclipse in Salzburg and my husband proposed to me in Monaco on the last day of the holiday.


– A conversation with Worcester news.