Work Experience – Borwell thanks Jack Hair

Work Experience

The borwell Team would like to warmly thank Jack Hair for his week’s work experience at the company. His contributions to the team were much appreciated.

Jack joined us on the 22nd July for a week’s work experience, and within the week had completed many projects and tasks set to him. Some of the programs that Jack created will possibly be used throughout borwell’s day-to-day operations, including a task reminder.

The members of the borwell Team found him to be an intelligent and hard working individual, who strives to push himself to do better constantly.

Jack himself is quoted as saying “Thank you for the opportunity you gave me by allowing me to do work experience at borwell. It was a very enlightening and useful experience for me.”

Many thanks to Jack and his contributions, and we wish him all the best to come in what we are sure will be a very successful career.