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Making IT Work… for your website

In today’s digital world you would expect that all businesses have a website.  Believe it or not many small businesses still do not have one.  A one-page website, with a domain name (web address) such as costs from only a few hundred pounds.  What’s more is that you will also have the ability to have several [email protected] email addresses, which looks really professional on your business card, printed marketing material and on a business vehicle too.

How many times do you see something like [email protected] or [email protected] on a vehicle on the motorway?  Personally, I find these hard to remember, and it doesn’t look very professional either.

If you have a product to sell, the world really is your oyster.  If you are a service based business, then you will most likely be able to offer your service within an hour’s drive of your home or office location, and possibly up to two hours or more if you offer a really niche service.  Either way, you are missing out on business within England alone.

Top tips for your web presence:

  • Set a budget for your web site.  My suggestion is £500 for a basic one to three page site.  Up to £2,000 for a 10 page site.
  • Call local web designers – tell them your budget and arrange to meet
  • Sign a contract, but make sure you own the domain name and website content
  • Ask them what happens and what costs might be involved if you choose to move to another webdesign or digital marketing agency in the future
  • Graphics design is normally not included, so if you need a logo and branding, budget for another £300-£500
  • Make sure you own the graphics files and get a copy on CD of the artwork
  • Ensure that ‘Google Analytics’ is setup on your website
  • Budget for the £50-£100 annually for hosting, email and domain name renewals
  • Make sure you have a blog or a way to edit content without having to use the web designer, as costs can soon mount up
  • If you need new pages adding, ask them how much they would charge for doing this
  • Do not use images from ‘Google Images’ or rob them from other websites.  This is illegal.  Use a digital stock library, and expect to pay £1-2 per image

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