Work Experience

Work experience with my Dad, by Erica

Today I went to do work experience with my Dad.  You know him as Steve Borwell-Fox.  Some people call him Steve Borwell, which makes me giggle.

I had loads of jobs to do!  Next I was given a cup of tea, so that was ok.  Vicky made it for me, it was lovely!

I followed a ‘Test Specification’ for one of the new borwell customers.  It was really fun.  I had to use the software and follow the test instructions really carefully – all 15 pages of it!  I even had to put in wrong usernames and passwords to check that there were no unintended vulnerabilities.  Luckily we had learned this in year 2 so I was familiar with attack vectors and SQL injectable web forms.  I just humoured Dad and made out that it was ‘all new to me’.

Some things failed and I put an ‘X’ in the box.  I hope Stuart wouldn’t be upset.  Most tests passed though, and I like the purple and pink colours that this web application uses.

After I finished testing we had lunch.  Vicky had soup, Simon had sandwiches.  Three of the team had fish and chips. Yummy!  Dad had packed me a rice crispy square, I love these.

Stuart then updated the software and it all needs testing again!

No more testing for me, so I watched the Deloitte Video on Cyber Security.  It was really scary.

Dad is proud of me because I don’t tell anyone my password for our PC, and I even have a password on my bedroom.  I change the password once per month to keep my brother out, or anyone else from guessing it.  Just because I’m only 8 doesn’t mean I don’t have a key management policy!

I hope I’m getting paid for today although Dad hasn’t mentioned it.  Dad was impressed with my spelling and typing too.

I’m now off to the MHSP for a coffee and a cake.  I can see that running a small business is really hard work, but the carrot cake could entice me into a career in IT.