My Work Experience

Work Experience with Dad

Today I went to do work experience (Borwell Ltd) with my dad.

First, with Ollie, he showed me some skills about HTML codes and we created the MiniPLAN website.

We started with the materials, Documents, Videos, Screenshots and Samples. As the html coding was complicated and I hardly got the hang of, Ollie typed whilst I was looking for the codes ahead of him. I also did the non-HTML codes(Design), as it was easier!

After we finished the ‘Material’ category we went on to ‘Case Studies’. It was really easy as all we had to do was set up a hyperlink from the webpage to the PDF file which was the plan of the apartments and offices.

Then we had lunch, so, as it was Friday, we went to The Fish ‘n’ Chip Shop. I had Barnards Green Special with Curry Source which includes 1 mini fish, 1 mini sausage and chips, it was lush!

After lunch, Ollie and I got back to work, we started the category ‘Community’ and started with a blog for the latest news page. We then moved onto Exhibitions, and started but didn’t finish as a guy asked if we could get rid of the php.index and change the URL.

I’ve had a great time here including having a fight with my dad as I was about to tea him when he walked into his office and pinned me back and locked the computer! We also spammed Sam and Vicky into a fake but faulty internet website which had a picture of tea!