Cyber Security – information is money

Making IT work… cyber security

Protecting data should be as important and instinctive as looking after your wallet, some cash at home, locking your car or simply washing your hands after going to the toilet.  In fact, the phrase we have started to coin in the ‘ Cyber Valley ’ (the Severn Valley) area is ‘ cyber hygiene ’.  This includes the skills, experience, discipline and habits of moving data around by email, file transfer, memory stick, CD or other media.

Information is money

However, we as a society still aren’t valuing data and information like we do cold hard cash.

The utility and convenience of memory sticks is amazing, and the storage space available gets cheaper every year.  However, how many memory sticks are encrypted, protecting their valuable content?image of wallet over keyboard with money showing out, showing why cyber sec is important.

Laptops lost at Heathrow

I remember seeing an article a while ago (IT pro website, July 2008) that reported over 900 laptops are lost at Heathrow airport every week!  The article also reported that in the USA and Europe over 15,000 laptops are lost every week.  That’s more than one every second!  What’s worrying is that less than half are returned to their owners.  Most of this may be simple opportune theft or organised crime, but they are unlikely to want the data on the hard drive.  However, they will get this data, and this is more of a concern for a business person than the £500-£1,000 replacement cost of the laptop.

If any organisation loses data we should be concerned.  I would suggest that most data loss (losing a laptop, memory stick or CD etc.) goes unreported.   If a business or organisation is signed up to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) then the business has a responsibility to report the loss by completing a ‘Security Breach Notification Form’.

What should I do?

Improve your cyber security in your business! Contact borwell and we will give you consultancy or support to your issue, and can talk you through the options available.