Work Experience

Work Experience Opportunity

Rob Barrow commented,

“During my time at Borwell I have done a variety of different interesting things, from installing and investigating new software to writing software, it was interesting to find out that a lot of the guys had come from similar college or university educational backgrounds that I am currently doing and the sorts of projects they were working on.

One example would be a small program called “Site Checker” that would check if a website(s) was available and if not then it would email a specified address with a message saying the website is down. While working on this I learned many things such as debugging, testing and generally improved my programming skills by learning the correct way to do things.

I learned a lot during the two weeks; it was a very beneficial experience and it was a good to see what it is like to be doing IT in a work environment especially helping me to work out that I would rather focus on the programming side of computing rather than networking.”