Cyber Streetwise

Cyber Street Campaign

This week the government launched their Cyber Street campaign aimed at making the nation more E-savvy.

Focused on consumer groups and businesses, it should help people adopt safer measures while online. Fraud in the UK now costs £52 billion per year and a considerable amount of this is cyber-crime.

The campaign aims to save the UK at least £77 million in online fraud over the next 2 years.

The main outcomes the UK government desires include:

  • Increasing knowledge of cyber threats among individuals and SMEs
  • Increasing the action by individuals and SMEs to protect themselves online
  • Saving £86 million in cyber-crime losses

There are other benefits of the campaign such as enabling individuals and SMEs to feel safer and more confident when transacting online. The governments policy is to help the UK build an even better reputation as a safe place to do business. Another benefit is that this will help to stimulate the cybersecurity supplier sector to generate new products and services, which will be needed by the individuals and SMEs.

As an experienced IT supplier, the borwell team help SMEs and government departments to keep their data and systems safe.



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