Code Club

Code Club for Primary Schools

Three of our software engineers have registered as volunteers for a great cause, the code club. Now they are keen to introduce young students to the exciting prospect of learning how to code.

Through the nationwide network of Code Club, our software engineers will run an after school club for one hour, in facilities hosted by a Malvern primary school. The club will be open for students of the school aged 9-11, an age range perfect for learning key computer skills for later life. The code club is totally free and will run every week in the presence of a willing supervisor from the primary school, with the help of our Software Engineers.

The club will be run by introducing a series of projects, the projects teach children how to program by showing them how to make computer games, animations and websites, a project is taught every week and allows students to progress their skills whilst using their imagination. The club will teach: the basics of programming, the basics of web development, the programming language Python and so on.

There are already 1900 Code Clubs nationwide. If you are a staff member of a Malvern primary school and can see Code Club as being both an exciting and educational addition to the list of clubs you have available, please contact borwell on the following number: 01684 377980 For more information, visit our website.