National Apprenticeship Week

Monday 3rd March 2014 commenced ‘National Apprenticeship Week’.

National Apprenticeship Week is set up by the National Apprenticeship Service, in recognition of the importance of employing apprentices, not only for the benefit of apprentices, but greatly for the benefit of employers.

I began an apprenticeship program with LMPQ academy November 2013 after deciding that university really wasn’t for me, by the end of December I had gladly secured a place as a Digital Marketing Assistant with borwell Ltd.

Since beginning on January 6th, I can proudly say I have learnt more skills already than I think I could ever have hoped to if I had endeavoured to complete three poverty-stricken years on the academic pathway.

What I love about apprenticeships is the ability to be paid to learn, to pick up valuable work skills, and to be almost guaranteed a position at the end of the year. I didn’t want to finish university with grades that couldn’t necessarily boost me to the job I desired and not even to mention the hideous body clock issues and the heaps of debt.

Since starting with borwell 7 weeks ago, although being launched into a whole new world of information, I already feel happier within myself and as part of an exciting team.

At borwell, my position as a digital marketing trainee has so far seen me: making email templates, utilising html skills, updating websites for clients, blogging, tweeting and generally tweaking things for the better. All afore mentioned is what I do on the creative side of my role, what I also love about my apprenticeship is that I also have the pleasure of marketing borwell at events such as the Business Expo, which happened during national apprenticeship week.

Not only have I had the opportunity to stand as part of borwell on our expo stand and attend seminars, I have already attended events with the Ladies in Business, helped to set up the invites, venue and coffee for a fantastic cyber-security seminar and have already attended a course to aid my future learning at borwell.

The best way to describe my role is that of a ‘hybrid’, call it half-nerd, half people-person. I have a great deal to learn and I am humbled by this, but with a great company like borwell and two inspirational bosses like Steve and Andrea Borwell-Fox, I have no doubts that I will reach my potential and achieve a position to really be proud of.

Kate Blueman