Investing in IT for growth

After the recent budget, I think it is fair to say that business is growing in Britain.  This is great news for all of us!  But what plans have you made for investing in new technology?  We recently visited Compco Fire Systems, a multi award winning Fire Engineering business based in Worcester.  Having been in business for over 25 years, they are seeing their business grow further as the effects of the recession come to an end.
Their experienced management team are looking at reviewing their existing systems, software, hardware, security as well as the people too.  Training and a skills matrix is really important, as many people work offsite to use  IT for growth.  They even have an onsite training centre – now that’s commitment to people.


Like this business is doing, review your current purchases.  Are you receiving ‘value for money’?  Are you comfortable with how much or even how little you are spending?  Talk to your peers about what they buy, and how much they spend.  Work with your current suppliers to make sure that what you are buying is still relevant to your business.  Challenge them about new trends.  Is Cloud relevant?  Is private cloud a consideration?  How easy is it to setup new workstations or laptops for staff, and deploy them to a new site location?  Are they able to collaborate as effectively as someone in the office?  What about security?  Are laptops encrypted?  Challenge, challenge, challenge.  It’s your money.


If you’re not convinced that you are working with the right suppliers, then look at your existing contracts and see if you can give notice, and move to a new supplier.  Ask for trade references, credit check them and ask around too.  Another really important consideration is to get your suppliers together, so that they are all clear about who is helping with what, and also, make sure they are working together to give you best value. Invest in IT for growth!