Dan on work experience at borwell

Hello there! My name is Dan and this is day 1 of my work experience placement with Borwell. With a picturesque view of the Malvern Hills out the window I’ve already been able to help with updating the website and attended a team meeting. This is a great experience for me because I’ve always been interested in computing, how stuff works and actually building stuff myself (my vast collection of Lego pays tribute to that!)

At school, I’m a very academic student – never had many problems with exams and in top set Science, Maths, and English (with computing, German, graphic design and history as my options). I play the trumpet (which I started in year 3) and have managed to get all the way up to achieving a distinction at grade 7 and am currently working on grade 8.

I’ve lived in London and Malvern and been to three different schools, my favourite of which being my current school: The Chase. It is a fantastic school and I’m really glad I chose it: the teachers are great, they have fantastic policies and ways of doing things that just work so well. For example, this year’s work experience coordinator helped around 280 students (myself included) find placements (which was everyone in the year group) which is pretty impressive!

Moving on to more technical stuff like programming was natural to me and learning code reminded me of learning a language – just without all the awkward grammar! (Although the punctuation is somewhat erratic!) I have learnt a bit of assembly language (little man computer) and HTML (which is the code that websites use if you didn’t know) while touching upon python.

I hope that this week will be insightful to me so that I can find out how all this stuff that I’ve been learning is useful in the world of work and how a business functions and works together.