Dan’s end of Work Experience Blog

Hello again! I’ve just finished my week of work experience here at Borwell and my goodness, what a great week it’s been!

It started off on Tuesday (due to bank holiday Monday) when I was tasked with fixing and editing the Borwell website, attending the team meeting and writing a blog about myself (if you haven’t already, go check it out!). Sorting out the website was really interesting because Borwell uses a program called WordPress to manage the website which I’d never used before.

On the second day, I was recruited by Ollie to help him migrate some web pages to WordPress which took absolutely ages but before that I was asked to write a blog about the recent internet explorer vulnerability (again, if you haven’t read it go check it out!).

Yesterday, I continued to migrate web pages and helped the MD fix up the company website (fixing existing layouts and adding some new pages) and then moved on to learning how to use C# programming language. This code is used for creating software that runs on the windows platform and I was tasked with creating a calculator with it! (Quite difficult since I’d never used C# before in my life!)

Today, I have been continuing on with my calculator project (finishing it to a good standard with basic addition and subtraction) and writing this blog entry about my time here at Borwell.  All in all, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my week of work experience, learnt loads and most importantly, got a feel as to what it’s like to actually work rather than sit in school all day!