IT and Tech gifts for Christmas 2014


Black Friday shoppers caused a frenzy in the USA and in the UK too.  Who would have thought that Tescos would have to call the police when crowds got out of control! Shopping isn’t really that exciting is it?

Every Christmas my wife and I make most of our Christmas shopping purchases in Worcester and Hereford too.  Some items are purchased online for convenience.  The really special personal gifts are the ones best bought on the high street.

Christmas is a great opportunity to get that latest tech-toy, those things you really don’t need but would like anyway.  So if you’re going to venture into Town in the next few weeks, here’s some ideas for IT and Tech gifts for Christmas 2014:

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is a great new device.  The plus is a bit too big for most people, so I recommend looking at the standard 6 model.  Men – you could always buy a plus for you and a standard 6 for your partner!  Several mobile phone retailers in Worcester sell these models.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will be launched around March/April time.  The iPhone 6 will be the best device to integrate with the new Apple Watch.  Upgrading your phone this Christmas will be a great first step to Apple’s first ‘wearable tech device’, which will probably cost around £250.  Speak to the team at AT Computers in Worcester near the launch date.

Flash Watch

Tech-watches like the ‘Flash’ are available, which track your sleep and exercise each day.  These are around £32.

DAB Radios

DAB radios are a popular purchase at Christmas.  Great for quiet background music in the office, home study and kitchen.  These vary in price from £50 to £250.  Visit Maplins or Argos to purchase these locally.


A great gift for your partner is an Amazon Kindle.  My wife loves hers, and is always ordering new e-books.  For bookworms I recommend the Paperwhite model, with a 6” screen.  It costs £109.

Festive greetings from borwell team

Have fun shopping for your IT and Tech gifts for Christmas 2014, but don’t get too over excited!