Christmas in the office

Christmas, or is that codemas?

Ok, so well done Titania, Deep Secure and Advent IM for getting their Christmas trees up today. Andrea and I were going to do this on Monday 8th, but our teams took the initiative and put up both trees this morning, and adorned various desks with tinsle too!

Spot the…

1) Visual Studio, loaded with a client project. No, you can't read the code at this resolution 🙂
2) Code duck - we use these to help diagnose faults. Talk to the duck and tell them the problem. By listening to yourself talking, and the duck, you sometimes are able to solve the problem yourself.
3) Personalised mug - all employees have their own mug (tea, coffee and mulled wine acceptable options), with their own drink order in code or script. Mine is fully standards compliant XML for tea with milk
4) Christmas tree - also our network admin password, no spaces. Only joking, with a space :-O
5) Dell 9010 - top spec desktop with 2 (or 3 in some cases) monitors attached for maximum code real estate and productivity

Merry Christmas to all of you,

Steve and the borwell team