IT Apprenticeship

Last week, the first IT apprenticeship and Cyber Security Apprenticeship Showcase was a great success.  Held at the University building next to the fabulous Worcester Arena, well over a 100 keen sixth form students from many Worcestershire schools and colleges attended.  These students were all looking for ICT, Computing and Cyber security training roles with local employers.  Many had already undertaken work experience, or had started developing skills such as programming, ethical hacking and computer networking.

Recruit using the IT Apprenticeship scheme

For growing businesses, an IT apprenticeship is a great way of developing your in-house IT team as your business grows.  As paper and spreadsheets are replaced with software and systems, and hardware is replaced with new computers, servers and associated services, your IT apprenticeship recruit will grow into the role the business needs as the business requirements emerge.  One of our apprentices, who started working with us in 2010 is now our Network Engineer. He manages all of our servers, PCs, laptops, cyber security, IT and IA policies and procedures.  He’s only 23 years old, and yet has my confidence, and his own skills and confidence to fulfil the role.  He loves his job, and has been key to our business expansion, and maintaining our ongoing security against cyber-attacks, which are attempted every day!

Worcestershire apprentices

Finding a willing recruit for an IT apprenticeship starts with talking to an apprentice provider.  Here we are lucky in Worcestershire, in that there are several available to help.  At last week’s showcase were several providers.  LMPQ provide the IT apprenticeship, and work closely with the Heart of Worcestershire College.  3AAAs are the new provider locally, but have a national business behind them.  They can provide business and IT apprentices too.  For specialist skills, TDM Wyre Academy are able to train up software engineers, and work for a number of Worcestershire businesses, who have a growing demand for software engineering expertise.

How could an IT apprenticeship scheme help your business?

Think about how the IT apprenticeship scheme could revolutionise and support your business’ growth in 2015.  Pick up the phone to one of the training providers to find out more.

In 2015 the borwell management recruited three new apprentices.  Two of them are on the IT apprenticeship, studying software engineering. The third is studying Digital Marketing.