Womens Business Forum

borwell director, Andrea Borwell-Fox, supports and sponsors the bi-monthly Worcestershire Womens Business Forum organised by the H&W Chamber of Commerce.

The aims of the Womens Business Forum are to:

  • Tackle real business problems
  • Provide a strong network of contacts, mutual encouragement and support
  • Promote the development of business, professional and social relationships
  • Develop skills and competencies through a range of high quality, informative business speakers
  • Highlight the contribution of women to the business community

The network has provided invaluable support to Andrea in developing her role as Customer Services Director of borwell.  Andrea helped her husband setup the business in 2002 after she and her husband quit their jobs on the same day!  With a six month old baby son, she and her husband have never looked back.

Andrea’s continued support of the Forum has also led to Andrea being elected as Vice-President of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce (HWCC).

Through borwell, Andrea also sponsors the Annual Womens Business Conference, held each Autumn in Malvern, to connect with the Herefordshire Women’s Business Forum.

womens business forum

womens business forum, run in Worcestershire, UK

Pictured here are delegates at Stanbrook Abbey Womens Business Forum event held on 23rd April 2015. The topic was ‘Mindfulness’ by guest speaker Aston Colley.

If you are interested in joining the forum or attending the annual conference, then please contact Andrea.