Productivity and Integration go hand in hand

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Too often when networking I hear people saying that it takes too long to do X or they wish it was easier to do Y.

Consultants will charge by the hour for good reason, say your day rate is £500 working seven hours a day and you spend 3 hours pulling a report together for an internal meeting. You have spent £214.29 of time on something that could and should be automated. If your company has 100 staff and one day they spend 3 hours pulling reports and re-entering data, let’s say they are on the same day rate then the company has lost, in dead time, a staggering £21,429!!

If you are looking to increase the profitability of a company without taking on more work and without reducing staff, that is the dream for most business owners right? Well, have you looked at your processes to see if you can save crucial hours that could be dedicated to other more profitable exercises?

When looking at process and systems within a business it is key to understand the business process logic before looking for any improvements or solutions. The why, what, who and most importantly how need to be considered to ensure that automation is properly implemented and has the desired effect.

Pain, impact and vision are a key route to understanding our client’s needs and understanding how these can be delivered. Clients often see the pain but not the impact this is having on the business, staff or most crucially their clients.

Many business are using a process that has not been reviewed or audited because “that is how it has always been done”. Or they are using multiple systems to record the same information, meaning duplication of effort and time, reducing the amount of profit the company can make.

There are many different types of integration projects for businesses. These could be new software related and wanting to integrate the old data into the new system or it could be looking to make sector specific systems work together.

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