borwell in the community

Through the nationwide network of Code Club, borwell software engineers have been volunteering at the local school in Malvern to participate in Code Club. The borwell team have been doing this throughout the whole of this school year, also part of last school year.

Our Software Engineers teach a variety of coding skills to children between the ages of 9-11. This is the perfect age range for learning key computing skills for later life. The code club is totally free and runs every week in the presence of a willing supervisor from the primary school, with the help of our Software Engineers.

This year at Code Club, the children have been taught how to create computer games, animations and websites. The variety of different coding techniques taught every week allows the students to progress their skills whilst being creative and using their imagination. This is completely different from normal school lessons and gives the students a chance to challenge themselves, whilst having fun at the same time.

As the school year comes to a close, Code Club will not run for just over a month as the students enjoy their summer holidays. Our Software Engineers will continue to find projects for the students return in September. If you see Code Club being both an exciting and educational and want more information about it, then contact borwell on 01684 377980.code club top