What Is Work Experience Like At borwell?

Hello, my name is Jack, and unfortunately, I am just finishing my 5-day work experience at borwell. In my opinion, it’s been amazing fun, helpful and very supportive in helping me decide what I would like to do in the future. When I arrived at borwell, on the Monday morning, I had minimal experience, if you could call it that, throughout the short span of 5 days, I have learned so much from the whole team.

The first day was great fun. I had a good introduction to both the company and the team, I then received a brief tour of the site, learning where everything was so I didn’t get lost. After that I was sat down, given my own desk and working space and I began working on my first task. I was given a test spec of software that a few members of the team had been working on, it was different to the sort of thing I’d do in school, making it a whole new experience. Within a day, I completed 50 out of 61 pages- pretty good for the first day on the job.

Throughout the next day I was changing tasks. After finishing off the last of the test spec, i went and shadowed members of team- the range of roles each member has is unique. From developing heat maps to making phone apps, each role is both engaging to watch and to help with.

From the 3rd day and onward, my tasks were varied. One of my favorite tasks was trying to break the software- finding errors and issues, then noting down the details, so another member of the team can attempt to fix them. However for a large chunk of the days, I chose to shadow Joe – a member of the team that is developing a phone app. It’s really interesting to watch and great to see the results, whether they’re positive or not.

Overall, my work experience at borwell has been incredibly fun, and I really don’t want to return to school. It has provided me with an insight into a possible path I would like to take in my future career. I give my thanks to each individual member of borwell, for putting up with my questions, supporting me, and for being great fun to be around.DSCN2170