National Clean Out Your Computer Day

‘National Clean Out Your Computer Day’ have you cleaned up your computer? It is a good time to do it.  Over time, files and programs that are unused on your computer clog the memory and can cause confusion during retrieval and use of other files.  You may also see that your computer slows down.   Before you start to clean out your computer and deleting files, I would recommend, as ever, that you run a backup of your system.  Ensure that if anything is deleted by accident it can be restored. You should also run a virus scan to ensure your system is free of any unwanted viruses or malware.

If you are running windows use the Disk Clean-up application to highlight any unneeded system files that are not being used. Disk Clean-up will remove the history from Internet Explorer but if you use other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari it is worth manually doing this. Check your files to see if there are any duplications or any documents that are no longer needed particularly within your downloads folder.

Most people forget about cleaning the physical machine, this can be crucial to extending the life of your computer but please DO NOT hoover the internal components this can cause a static build up and cause the machine to fail. Use a microfibre cloth to clean your screens and compressed air to clean the key board, be prepared to be amazed at the amount of dirt in your keyboard!