Educating Staff Is Key To Protecting Your Business

A well educated workforce in cyber security makes a huge difference in protecting your business from cyber-attacks. A lot of cyber-attacks are aimed at employees with Phishing emails sent to staff.  More elaborate attacks are being seen every day.

There has been an increase in fake emails being sent to members of staff working in accounts departments that appear to have been sent from another senior member of staff, normally the MD. These emails request the payment of an invoice urgently. By introducing secondary checks on payments to be made, you could alleviate the risk of this happening in your company.  It is good practice to insist on authorisation by two senior members of staff.  Be particularly careful and vigilant when abnormal or urgent payments are being requested.

In the last month borwell has seen a huge increase in “sales invoices” and “urgent reports” arriving from unknown sources. Unfortunately, the attachments contain more than just a sales invoice and something far more sinister. Do your staff know that, before attachments are opened, they need to be sure who the sender is? If not, there are a number of training courses available to help educate and protect your staff and business.  If you are concerned about Cyber Security or the security of your internal system security, there are many options to explore. Take action before it is too late, you could be next.  In our next article we will look at Pen Testing.