A Big Future For Big Data

Plenty of us can concur that big data has taken the business world by a storm, but what does the future hold?

The past year has been progressive for big data as more and more businesses are accepting that big data and analytics are critical for most decision making processes. Experts predict that throughout 2016 we shall see continued growth of systems that support non-relational or unstructured forms of data alongside mass volumes of data. These systems are predicted to evolve and mature enabling them to operate inside of enterprise IT systems and standards. This will the enable business users and data scientists to appreciate and value of big data and what it can offer.

For some organisations big data and analytics play a key role in security, for others in customer interaction and experience and for a few its business insights and budget planning that big data plays its key role. It truly is a toll that can benefit multiple areas of business in many organisations.

If you haven’t already created and launched your big data and analytic strategy, you may already be behind your competitors. A recent study from CIO found that not only were most businesses utilising these, but in fact also consider it essential to their businesses operations.

Tableau have released what they believe are the ‘big 8’ predictions yet to come:

  • The NoSQL takeover
  • Apache spark speeds up BD
  • Hadoop projects to mature
  • BD grows up: Hadoop adds to enterprise standards
  • BD gets fast: options expand speed to Hadoop
  • The number of options for preparing end users to discover all forms of data grows
  • MPP data warehouse growth is heating up… in the cloud
  • IoT, Cloud and BD come together

Big data and analytics can be of huge benefit to varying organisations and as we continue to see an ever-growing increase in these technologies, it just becomes a questions of when you and your company will need these capabilities.

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