Password Security

Having to compile a near incomprehensible, impossible-to-remember stream of numbers and letters to create a fool proof password is an irritation to many and at times an impossible task, However, computer science experts are emphasising a more effective way to make your password stronger: make it longer.

Keeping yourself and your personal information safe online is paramount and there are varying suggestions from experts to keep you and your passwords safe online, from changing them frequently, having multiple passwords for different things and using an auto generated password. With the need of multiple passwords for various online accounts, keeping track of all of your online passwords and keeping them all complex can be a difficult task for many.

Some sites have adopted password strength meters and you may have seen these from time to time when asked to create a password on a new site, they will indicate to users how strong your password is, however popular password meters do not pick up on weak character sequences that are obvious to hackers, giving users a false sense of security and bad advice. A recent study from TeleSign reported that 69% of security professionals believe that the traditional username and password no longer serves sufficient security in a hacker-heavy era.

A new series of studies have suggested “passphrases” rather than passwords could be a breakthrough for password security, these are longer than passwords, ranging between 16 to 64 characters.

Whereas advice on passwords is still conflicted, with many still recommending multiple special characters as replacements in real words, but pass phrases have recently become much more popular. The length of a password is the primary factor as to how secure it is meaning passphrases are much more secure than traditional passwords.

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