IPhone Hack

Apple’s iPhone occupies 42.5% of the smart phone market here in the UK, so it would be a pretty safe assumption that plenty of us have one and use them regularly. A vulnerability in the iOS operating system was exploited last week, enabling spyware to be installed on a targets phone by simply clicking a link.

The bug was discovered by a human rights lawyer after receiving unsolicited messages on his phone. The bug took advantage of three different weaknesses in Apples operating software that granted hackers complete access of the devices. Dubbed as ‘the most sophisticated spyware package ever seen on the market’, the iPhone could be taken control of by a hacker with a single tap of a finger. The hacker would then have been able to access almost everything stored on the device. It could read texts and emails, track calls and contacts as well as being able to record sounds and passwords.

Both reports issued so far over the incident indicate it was an Israeli firm that was the source of the spyware found on the devices. Since the attack Apple have released an updated version of the software containing the necessary patches to rectify the problem.

Identifying malware and spyware within your systems as soon as possible is central to reducing the amount of damage that can occur, especially within the workplace. Companies should be aware of what devices are connected to their network and regularly scan for new devices. Employees bringing phones into the workplace and connecting to the company network pose a risk to the organisation as this could provide access from the member of staff’s phone to the company network. Having a secure guest Wi-Fi for staff and visitors that does not allow them to access the full company network will provide some protection. For further information or advice do not hesitate to contact the borwell team.

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