HERE, a digital mapping company, are set to introduce a new range of live traffic services to its suite of map products this week, collaboration with car manufactures and HERE enable individual vehicles to relay live information on road conditions. The data collected will enable drivers to build an up-to-date picture of traffic conditions on their route such as traffic jams, accidents, weather hazards and even temporary speed limits after competing manufacturers were convinced to collaborate for the first time. This shows the value to the automotive market that competing companies are willing to work together.
Drivers should be able to use the technology from the first half of 2017, giving HERE a significant head start on rival services from Google, Apple, Tesla and TomTom which must make do with feedback from far fewer vehicles.
The development and use of “real time” updates is not only key for mapping companies it is key to all companies. Traditionally companies would wait for a report to be produced then discuss the data from the past month or quarter, this can lead to missed opportunities in the ever increasing pace of the business environment.
“Real time” information allows your managers, directors, sales staff and marketing staff to make informed decisions when they need it. The real time approach has been used by tech savvy businesses wanting to ensure that they are providing their staff and clients with the most relevant and up to date information possible.

Achieving real time information can be done through effective integration of office systems. It is key to provide the system integrators with a clear understanding of data you use for your business management and where it is stored. This will help map your way to becoming a more proactive organisation.

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