Cyber Security Month

October marks the beginning of Cyber Security Awareness Month for both the EU and the US, an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness around cybersecurity. The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is an EU advocacy campaign that promotes cyber security among citizens and advocates for change in the perception of cyber-threats by promoting data and information security, education, sharing of good practices and competitions. The vast majority of us are connected to the internet on a daily basis whether that be consciously or not, we live in an online world that becomes more vulnerable as we become more connected on daily basis. October for both Europe and the US is designed to both engage and educate the public though events and information exhibited throughout the month.

Both campaigns are encouraging individuals to get involved throughout the month, either online or offline. The hashtag #CyberAware is being used across all common social media platforms, offering tips, advice and information around cyber security. Many schools and workplaces are also championing the month through events and displaying educational materials, to find out more information and how you can get involved, visit CyberSecuirtyMonth.EU.

The threat of cyber-attacks increases as we become more dependant and reliant on internet based devices. As our businesses become more advanced and connected, they also become more vulnerable when the correct precautions aren’t taken. SME’s and smaller organisations are increasingly susceptible to cyber-attacks and other IT threats, a recent survey revealed 9 out of 10 SME’s are at risk due to business owners not putting IT investment as a main priority, the report added that the lack of understanding about the risks and the technical knowledge of protection mechanisms is fuelling the situation.  borwell Ltd are a local businesses working with smaller businesses to help them protect themselves against the increasing number of cyber-attacks, to find out how we can help you and your business contact us on 01684377980.

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