borwell’s Hints And Tips To Keep Your Business Cyber-Safe

Following on from last week, we enter week three of cyber security month with particular emphasis on recognising and combatting Cybercrime. Cyber security is imperative for companies of all sizes, SME’s are just as at risk for attacks as larger companies, and should be prepared for a breach at all times. Smaller businesses are increasingly vulnerable, with an estimated 50% breached within the last 12 months. It is predicted that these smaller businesses are being targeted due to the similar amounts of digital assets, but less or no security to the larger enterprises. Hackers, just like us, are more than aware that smaller enterprises are less careful with regards to online security. Smaller business owners are underestimating their risk level, with 87% of them reporting that they aren’t at risk as they do not have anything worth stealing.

There are numerous variations of cyber-attacks, however in almost every case the end goal is to steal and exploit sensitive data. Hackers techniques continue to evolve, but it pays to be aware of the most frequently used attacks. Advanced persistent threats (APT), Distributed denial of service (DDoS), Inside attacks, Malware, Password attacks and Phishing.

There are of course solutions and preventative steps that can be taken against cyber-attacks, ranging from the basics of anti-virus software and firewalls to a data backup solution, encryption software and network scanning. It is imperative to know that there is no one size fits all solution and it is highly recommended to run a risk assessment of your business via an outside firm to fully understand the risks and solutions available to protect you and your business.

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