Online Skimming Attacks Up By 69%

This week marks the last week of cyber security month for Europe and the USA, an ever growing event year on year. The threat of cyber-crime grows daily so it comes as no surprise that there is yet another burst of cyber related news. Recent studies released last week have revealed that almost 6000 online stores have been unknowingly harbouring malicious code that has the ability to steal credit card details of registered customers according to a recent study.

Online skimming has becoming increasingly popular in terms of card fraud and cyber-crime, 3501 cases of skimming were reported in November 2015, 10 months later that figured had soared by a whopping 69%. Attackers were able to exploit known vulnerabilities in a variety of well-known web retailing programmes, by injecting a small chunk of obscure code that copied credit card details and other payment information, and then sold on the black web.

Online skimming works just like physical skimming: your card details are stolen so that other people can spend your money. However online skimming is both more dangerous and much more effective due to the fact it is harder to detect and near impossible to trace the thieves.

This is just one form of online cyber-crime that businesses are susceptible to in the world of online crime, there are numerous threats that your business is open to. Borwell are running a cyber resilience refresher course to help businesses owners protect their businesses online, for more information and to book your place contact us on 01684377980.

Photo by Blue Coat Photos / CC

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