£1.9 billion Set Aside to Tackle Cyber-Crime

UK Chancellor announcement

Last week saw chancellor Phillip Hammond lead a speech on how the UK would lead its retaliation against the increasing threat of cyber crime. The chancellor gave grave warning that “foreign actors” are developing techniques that could threaten the countries electrical grid and airports.

The chancellor also continued to explain how the previously allocated £1.9 billion would be spent in the fight back against cyber-crime. The proposed strategy includes enlarging police units, designed to tackle online gangs and cyber-criminals, alongside injecting sums of cash towards specialist training and education of cyber-security experts.

Britain as a cyber safe place

If we want Britain to be the best place in the world to be a tech business then it is also crucial that Britain is a safe place to do the digital business,” the chancellor said. “Trust in the internet and the infrastructure on which it relies is fundamental to our economic future.”


The £1.9 bn to pay for the national strategy was allocated last year and will fund the programme until the end of 2020, The national strategy involves the creation of a cyber-security research institute – that will coordinate research into efforts to improve defences for smartphones, laptops and tablets. To coincide with the institute a further 50 specialists will work at the cyber crime unit, this team will work tackling online organised cyber criminals and gangs.

Cyber Valley – Malvern, Worcestershire, England

Malvern is at the heart of the UK ‘Cyber Valley’.  It has an enviable track record and wealth of experts in the cyber security sector.  Worcestershire is attracting new recruits to this interesting and cutting edge and is hoping to be able to benefit from the measures and funding that Philip Hammond is putting in place.  borwell is just one such company investing in people, training and facilities to help businesses secure their operations.

borwell can help you

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