Talk Talk Fall Victim To Cyber-Crime Once More

Thousands of Talk Talk and Post Office customers have had their internet access cut by an attack targeting certain types of internet routers.

Customers from the Post Office, Talk Talk and Germany’s Deutsche Telekom have all fell victim to the malware bug known as the Mirai bug. The malware is spread via hijacked computers, causing damage to equipment powered by Linux-based operating systems. The post office has reported that 100,000 of its customers have been effected, Deutsche Telekom revealed that up to 900,000 of its customers whilst Talk Talk have yet to confirm how many of its customers have been effected by the malware bug.

Malware, short for malicious software is and form of software used to infect or disrupt computers or mobile devices, gather sensitive information, gain access to private systems or display any unwanted advertising.

At present it is unknown who is behind the attack, but all companies have assured their customers that no personal data or devices have been compromised, a spokeswoman for the Post Office said “We have identified the source of the problem and implemented a resolution which is currently being rolled out to all customers… For those customers who are still having problems, we are advising them to reboot their router.”

This attack on Talk Talk comes just over a year after the attack that took them offline and caused considerable damage to the company, with another attack in such a short period of time on the telecom company indicates that no company is immune to cyber-attacks.

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