NHS Staff Overwhelm Google

The sheer number of NHS staff using Google whilst at work has caused Google’s security defences to kick in, the high volumes of data traffic was causing Google to think it was suffering a cyber-attack.

The search engine google has begun asking NHS staff, when using its services at work to verify if they were a robot or not. Detecting suspicious traffic, or high volumes from one network can help identify and defeat potential cyber-attacks. The search engine’s systems are designed to spot these patterns in data traffic, and under these circumstances are working as they should be.

Common cyber-attacks like a Distributed Denial of Service – DDOS attack, as mentioned in last weeks’ blog are created and actioned by sending high levels of data traffic to one particular site in an attempt to bring it offline. The NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world with more than a million members of staff, causing the high levels of data to be sent through the popular search engine. NHS digital have been unable to suggest what NHS staff may have been searching for so frequently on Google but they have reported that they are in discussions with Google as to how they can help resolve the issue.

A spokeswoman from Google said: “Our systems are simply checking that searches are being carried out by humans and not by robots in order to keep web users safe. Once a user has filled out the Captcha (Security Check), they can continue to use Google as normal.”

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