Shortage Of Digital Skills Is Hampering Business Productivity And Growth

The Digital Sector is one of the fastest growing in the UK and contributes to the economy at twice the rate of other non-digital sectors. The UK already leads the world when it comes to new technology. We make more contactless payments than any other country and are natural innovators, eager to incorporate the latest innovations into our lives.  Despite over 1.5 million people already working within the digital sector in the UK, there is a shortage of digital skills.  This is hampering business productivity and growth.  This information comes following the British Chamber of Commerce’s survey of its members.  The survey acquired more than 1,400 responses and found that 84% of businesses found digital and IT skills more important than they were two years ago.  51% of businesses believe that these skills are significantly more important than before.

However, even though businesses recognise that these skills are crucial, the survey suggests that many are facing skills shortages. 52% of those surveyed reported a slight shortage, 21% reported a significant shortage and 3% reported a critical shortage.

Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce said: “The evidence is clear: better digital skills make firms more productive, and a lack of digital skills holds them back.  Businesses themselves need to do a lot more to tackle the digital skills shortages they face, and their leaders need to be alive to the fact that a failure to tackle this issue will have an impact on their bottom line.”

To any businesses facing a skills shortage, I would recommend hiring not only trained individuals in these areas but also, young apprentices and interns to strengthen your business.

Photo by NYC Media Lab / CC

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