Cyber Security; Same National Threat Level As Terrorism

The threat level of cyber-attacks is currently the same level as terrorism in the UK according to the country’s secret service. We all rely on online services on a daily basis, as does the UK Government and a secure online environment is crucial for national security. HM Government also provide many online services to citizens and businesses across the country as part of an ever-increasing digital programme, and as ever cyber security remains as crucial as ever.

The threat level for the country is tier 1, alongside Terrorism, War and Natural Disasters, this should only further highlight the importance of online security for you and your business.

Enterprises are at the endless stream of these attacks and the sophistication of these attacks is growing by the day.

In February of this year, Crowd Research Partners released the Cybersecurity Trends report 2017 with less than flattering results. 62% of respondents in the report were not confident in their current security measures and a staggering 54% of them anticipated a cyber-attack against them within the next 12 months.

In response to this however, 46% did report that they were planning to boost their cyber security spending with an average of 21% to help combat these threats. Training and managed security are the top remedies to most of the cyber security issues currently, to overcome security challenges it is imperative that your workforce are up to date with current threats and how to spot suspicious behaviour.

The borwell team are qualified in helping you protect your business online, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team for further information on 01684377980. Alternatively there is online government support available at either or at GOV.UK.

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