Cyber Attack – No Business is Immune

No Organisation has 100% immunity, the rise of a cyber attack grows daily and ransomware is one of the biggest threats out there. They are widespread. they are costly and they threaten an organisations ability to operate and at worst survive.

There is no business out there that is 100% immune from a cyber attack. Statistically human error is the cause of the majority of security breaches and also the key to keeping your business safe. A crucial element to saving your business should you experience an attack is speed, acting fast in responding to an attack will reduce the chances of it spreading across your IT systems. Removing the infected hardware could help in saving your business.

Should you ever be hit with ransomware, I strongly recommend not paying the ransom, very little ransomware is built in such a way that it can restore your data. You will hopefully have back-ups of all data relating to your business.

There are steps you can always take to protect your business, but it pays to have a response plan in the event of an attack. Here are 5 steps that could save your business:

1. Unplug all known hardware, but do not shut them down

2. Alert those who need to know, by phone, not via email, you need to remain offline

3. Ascertain as best you can all information about the attack, which domain, what sort of ransom are you facing.

4.  Clean your IT landscape, and begin restoring, ideally one machine at a time.

5. Learn from the attack, where did they exploit a vulnerability? And what steps need to be taken to better protect your business.

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