Rehab Camps For Cyber Criminals

Over the past 5 years, the age of people engaging with cyber crime has become younger and younger, the current average age of a cyber criminal in the UK is just 17 years old. The National Crime Agency (NCA) has put this largely down to many getting involved with game-cheat websites or forums that discuss ways to change or modify games, this can inspire people to try and commit illegal activities online.

In a bid to start cracking down on these rising figures, the NCA has launched a new initiative for those caught engaging in cyber-crime, last week saw the first rehab camp for cyber criminals take place in Bristol.

Designed to correct online crime, the scheme is part of a wider strategy by the National Cyber Agency (NCA) and those who have attended the rehab scheme will be closely monitored once the programme has ended.

Ethan Thomas of NCA said the aim of the course was to “positively divert those that could be putting their skills to a more positive a legal use. The skills are so transferable with this crime type. If you have good cyber skills, there are many qualifications you can take.”

The level of understanding that many of these young people have is extremely advanced, the IT ability possessed could be used as an advantage of those very companies that have experienced online attacks. The first of the rehab camps were held last week, and should they prove to be of benefit, they will be rolled out across the country to help tackle the rise of cyber-crime and where possible turned around to also aid the lack of cyber skills we currently have in the UK.

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