Social Media Networks For Businesses

Since LinkedIn was launched in 2002, a number of social media channels have appeared. Social media is popular in today’s society – a whopping 2 billion people are using various networks across the globe. This number is expected to grow even further with the use of smart devices growing exponentially too. As lots of people continue to use social media, it has become a great way for businesses to interact with each other and to advertise products or services to the public.

Social media is vital for a business in the technological age to gain a better outreach. They can also be used for advertising your product or service, as Twitter and Facebook allow the user to share posts meaning your potential audience is much larger. LinkedIn is a social media channel which is used for business purposes only and has many potential applications. For example, it is a great way to find a potential employee, finding a product or service that your business may need, or networking with other people and finding potential business partners.

If your business is currently not using social media, it may be worth considering which social media network may benefit you the most. A social media network which we recommend watching out for is ‘Medium’. This is a micro-blogging platform which provides a platform to share unique content and potentially get higher-level executives involved in their social media strategy if utilised by a business.

By constantly reviewing how your company utilises social media, you should be able to gain more of an audience across all the different platforms you are currently using. If your business is interested in marketing through different platforms and gaining a larger audience, see what other platforms are out there that could expand business opportunities.

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