The Future of Cyber Security

The future of cyber security has a close correlation with the future of information technology and the advancements being made in cyberspace. Today, at present, most of our critical systems are interconnected and powered by computers. Looking forward into the future, more and more of our decisions will be automated, reliant on virtual assistants and IOT connected devices will be a part of almost every function of our daily lives. Connected cars will make a commute easier, whilst almost all of our data will reside in the cloud.

The sheer complexity of all of this connectivity and systems heightens the vulnerability of our day to day lives and increases the importance of the future of cyber security.

Over the next 10-15 years, networks and sponsored organisations will continue to develop cyber-attack technologies for defence and offence, whilst finally driven cyber-criminals will continue to develop and find ways to exploit the internet and the online world as we know it will continue to develop and change.

Cyber security defence systems will need to become more sophisticated in order to cope with huge amounts of data. First, we will need to interconnect our defence systems to be able to act in real time. Secondly, the human analyst will not be able to cope with all this information and we will rely on more artificial intelligence to help us in making decisions. We will also need to cultivate the next generation of cyber experts who know how to develop and drive those systems. Last but not least, we will need to shield all our systems. Countries and states will have a bigger role in protecting large scale environments like their own infrastructure, and maybe even to provide some of their intelligence to the public.

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