Cyber Security Month: Protecting Your Home Networks

The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is the EU’s annual awareness campaign that takes place across the month of October across Europe, with the overarching aim to raise awareness of cyber threats, promotion of cyber security among citizens and organisations alongside providing resources for people to protect themselves online. The month is also recognised in America, with the same aims and objectives of educating and helping US citizens and organisations.

We are currently in week 3 of Cyber Security Month, with particular focus on Cyber Security in the home, the aim of this week’s theme is to raise awareness among general users of threats that can come from the Internet of Things (IoT), online fraud and scams. There is advice and guidance on how to protect your home network and your online privacy from the campaign leaders themselves, to access this go to

There are several basic steps that you can take to ensure your home network is protected to the best of your ability, a protected home network means your family can use the internet more safely and securely.

It may sound obvious, but the following steps can enable you to maintain a clean machine:

* Ensure all of your internet enabled devices have the most up to date software

* Change the name of your router

* Change the pre-set password set for your router

* Create a guest password for your home network

* Use a firewall

* Back up all of your valuable work, music, photographs and important digital information

These are just a few actions you can take to protect your online networks at home, for any further help or information contact the borwell team on 01684 377980.

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